Interactive content for online courses – why do you need Articulate 360

Are you wondering how to create impactful courses in a world where almost everything happens online? On one hand, our ability to focus is decreasing and we tend to jump from one tab to another when we are online.

On the other hand, most of the online courses are just a collection of files that hardly get and maintain our attention. One solution is to create interactive content for online courses.

The secret is to focus on creating memorable learning experiences, which is difficult to do just by uploading some files in an eLearning platform. You need to consider the entire journey the learner takes in an online course and the learning experiences created by accessing the learning materials you include in the course.

In order to create memorable learning experiences, you need to create integrative content. This might include various multimedia materials, quizzes and exercises that engage the learners in an interactive learning experience.

Let’s see some examples created with various apps from Articulate 360 suite:

By inserting interactive exercises and scenarios in an online course, you help the learners apply what they learn and transfer the knowledge from a learning situation to a real-life situation. Knowledge transfer is always a challenge for courses and training programs. You can overcome such challenges by creating interactive content that allows the learners to test and practice their knowledge and skills.

There are different tools that you can use to create interactive content for online courses. What helped me the most to create professional-looking interactive content in a short amount of time was Articulate 360. I like especially the fact that Storyline 360 has templates that I can customize without any headaches due to the fact that I am not a graphic designer. The content and multimedia library saved me a lot of energy and time, wasted otherwise in searching stock photos and videos that I can use without infringing copyright.

But my favourite Articulate 360 tool is Rise – I developed a real passion for it. It allows you to create responsive content that can be accessed from various devices, from personal computers to tablets and smartphones. The interactive elements in Rise look and work amazing. There are blocks created by specialists and you only need to add your content to these blocks.

You can test the Articulate 360 suite for free for 60 days. This way you can see if it is suited to your needs of creating interactive content for online courses. You can also explore several examples posted in the Elearning Heroes community.

No matter if you use Articulate or another authoring tool to create interactive content, the experience you will create for your learners will be on a different level compared to „traditional” online courses that are just a collection of resources.