Academic Integrity Solutions for Your Moodle LMS

Enhance your Moodle workflow with the leading text similarity detection technology by Turnitin.

Why Turnitin?

Check written assignments against the most comprehensive content database to identify potential plagiarism.

Expose deliberate text modifications such as white text or inserted characters.

Seamlessly integrate Turnitin with Moodle LMS for a streamlined user experience.

Choose the Turnitin solution that best fits your needs

Turnitin Similarity

  • Color-coded similarity report with detailed overview of each match for easy interpretation.
  • Flags Panel with data insights on deliberate text manipulation for informed assessment.
  • Source exclusions feature for best accuracy.

Turnitin Feedback Studio

  • Advanced academic integrity solution combined with feedback and grading features.
  • Time-saving commenting and grading tools make the feedback process faster, easier, and more consistent.

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For our experience and expertise

  • We are the only Moodle Certified Partner for Romania, also active as Moodle expert in the Republic of Moldova since 2013.
  • 2.500+ Moodle sites implemented.
  • 150.000+ learners and teachers managed through our platforms.
  • 300+ hours of interactive digital content created for our clients.
  • 10+ years of successfully preparing eLearning Developers and Moodle administrators.
  • 5+ years of Articulate Training for Content creators.

For our experts

  • Innovation Manager with 17+ years of experience in Moodle implementation.
  • Training and Content Development Manager with 10+ years of experience in digital learning.
  • Project Managers with 15+ years of experience in international project management.

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