The one and only Certified Moodle Partner for Romania, since 2013. 

eLearning Software has been a Certified Moodle Partner since 2013, and it is the only representative of Moodle in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

Benefits of working with a Certified Moodle Partner

Quality in every implementation

Every year, our partners at Moodle Pty evaluate us, both from a technical and financial perspective.

Community support

Moodle has a multicultural and multidisciplinary team of more than 130 partners from more than 60 countries. And our Moodle world is growing each year.

We have a long Moodle experience


START of our eLearning division.


First MoodleMoot event for Moodle community in Romania.


Application for becoming a Certified Moodle Partner.


The first and only Moodle Certified Partner for Romania.


MoodleMoot Republic of Moldova event in Chisinau for Moodle community.


Co-developed the schools’ network in Romania and Republic of Moldova.


Full GDPR compliance with all Moodle systems, together with delivering security audits.


Launch of the Moodle for Workplace worldwide.


Free eLearning training to teachers in schools and universities during the pandemic.


Created the first portal for universities, with complete services in the eLearning.


Application for becoming a Premium Certified Moodle Partner.

What makes Moodle a great platform?

Reliability, customisation and scalability
  • It has been reliable since 2002, with two major versions per year.
  • Fully customisable if you work with a Moodle Certified Partner.
  • Scalable for your growing needs in terms of users and capabilities.
Versatility and integrations
  • Free plugins for most of what you can think and need.
  • Third party’s integrations, Office 360 to ERPs and Zoom.
  • Branded Moodle App for native mobile application.

What being a Certified Moodle Partner means for us?

Our benefits

  • Working with great people, all passionate about creating learning experiences.
  • Testing the new features of each Moodle version before launch.
  • First-line for discovering the world’s trends in eLearning.
  • High priority support from Moodle Pty.

Our duty

  • Financial contribution to keeping Moodle project alive. Moodle core is open source and free to use for helping schools in providing quality education. Learning should not be about money, but about people that share it with new generations.
  • Technical contribution to developing new functionalities and full support for selected plugins.

Why choose us?

Get the most professional and extensive Moodle experience.

As a Certified Moodle Partner, we can:

  • Provide Moodle services to other entities, in a commercial way. All Moodle services are part of the trademark.
  • Use the Moodle name and logo on its materials, digital communications and developed systems.
  • Own or use domains containing the word moodle.
  • Offer others Moodle services, either directly or indirectly: development, maintenance, administration, training, consultancy, hosting.

Any entity that promotes Moodle services, whatever they may be, seriously infringes the trademark rights and risks the legal consequences of its actions.

Moodle is a registered trademark of Moodle Pty, which holds the exclusive rights to it. As a Certified Partner, Moodle allows the use of the brand in the performance of its services and in promotional activities. More about Trademark, visit

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