Empower your team with an effective learning solution, for learning and development, right out of the box.

Automate flows, processes, actions and trigger results

You can register users, allocate to Learning paths and programs, send welcome notifications, and issue a beginner badge, all in a single action.

With another action, you can set up access to additional courses and events for users that finished a program at a specific time if they are part of a particular department.

Team Leaders and Department managers can access their team members, see their progress and be swiftly informed about their overdue assignments.

Create seamless learning across devices

With our Mobile App, you will be able to provide a seamless learning experience across devices and allow your learners to fit learning around their life. Our mobile app will also enable you to create a consistent brand learning experience.

  • Allow your learners to access courses and content when offline so that they can keep learning at all time.
  • Notify learners on their mobile devices so that they don’t miss anything and stay on top of their learning.
  • Customize the app with your own brand identity to create a trusted and coherent learning experience. Downloading the app with your name and your logo on Google Play and App Store will give reassurance to employees.
  • Track mobile engagement analytics to better understand behaviors and improve your mobile-friendly learning experience.

Key Features of Moodle Workplace


Manage employee onboarding & offboarding, including initial training, documentation and appointments for face-to-face interactions.

Health Safety & Environment

Engaged employees deliver improved organisational performance - they are happier, healthier and more fulfilled, more likely to increase customer satisfaction levels, and be more innovative and productive.

Learning Plans

Monitor your learners progress in gaining new competencies with enhanced completion tracking and personalised learning plans.

Dynamic Rules

With Dynamic Rules, avoid the tedious tasks and easily create and manage automated rules for several groups of users. You can create learning experiences based on location, department, position, roles and other criteria for your users.

Certification & Refresher

Develop recurring certifications to ensure you are up-to-date with compliance and encourage your employees to freshen knowledge or skills.


Monitor your learners progress in gaining new competencies with enhanced completion tracking and personalised learning plans.

For all numbers, locations and subjects

Moodle Workplace is here to provide complete services to your programs in learning, development, compliance, evaluation, or assessment.


Dynamic rules

Now it is easy to handle the most important processes: notifications, certification, program allocation, course registration badges etc.


Learning paths

Create and allocate programs, set courses and rules to apply, set up availability and see quick user progress.



The organisational structure needs to be up to date, as well as the mandatory courses. Use Certification for the programs that need to be refreshed in a specific time frame (3/6/12 months).

Benefits & Feature Details

Build Learning Programs

  • Courses
  • Set of courses
  • Journeys from A to Z

Organisational structure

  • Departments and Positions
  • Detailed hierarchy
  • AD integration

Create Certifications

  • Compliance
  • Refresher
  • Certificate validity


  • Manage centrally
  • Tenants for business divisions
  • Delegate with ease

Customise your reports

  • Choose fields
  • Schedule
  • Ensure proper communication

Dynamic rules for automation

  • Save time with the „If condition” „Then action” system

Branded Moodle App

  • Mobile learning & notifications 
  • Free in App Store and Google Play

Shared space

  • Create Shared Programs and Shared Certifications to use across tenants

Why choose us?

For our experience and expertise

  • We are the only Moodle Certified Partner for Romania, also active as Moodle expert in the Republic of Moldova since 2013.
  • 2.500+ Moodle sites implemented.
  • 150.000+ learners and teachers managed through our platforms.
  • 300+ hours of interactive digital content created for our clients.
  • 10+ years of successfully preparing eLearning Developers and Moodle administrators.
  • 5+ years of Articulate Training for Content creators.

For our experts

  • Innovation Manager with 17+ years of experience in Moodle implementation.
  • Training and Content Development Manager with 10+ years of experience in digital learning.
  • Project Managers with 15+ years of experience in international project management.

Our clients

What clients say

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