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Easily write math equations from anywhere!

Your solution for creating quality math formulas in your LMS courses or in the documents that you are preparing for your students.

Empower STEM in Educational Platforms by integrating MathType, which is the leading formula editor and equation writer used by K-12 and university STEM students and faculty worldwide.

What features can you get with MathType?

  • Equation editor
  • MathML support
  • LaTeX support
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Formula render
  • Accessibility

Write math in the platform and technology that fits you best

MathType for Office Tools

The easiest way to write math equations in any digital document. MathType integrates into all significant text and presentation editors: Google Docs and Slides, Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, Pages and Keynote.

MathType for LMS

MathType can be used to empower STEM in your Moodle platform.

MathType Integrations

MathType also has integrations in HTML Editors (TinyMCE, Froala, CKEditor) and XML editors (FontoXML, Oxygen, XEditor), as well as solutions for technical writers and publishing houses.

Break the limits of online STEM assessment!

The STEM assessment tool integrates directly onto your online learning platform and offers powerful math and science assessment tools for teachers and students.

Instructors can save time grading exams and eliminate the potential for cheating using WirisQuizzes in their LMS platform. It perfectly integrates into Moodle.

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For our experience and expertise

  • We are the only Moodle Certified Partner for Romania, also active as Moodle expert in the Republic of Moldova since 2013.
  • 2.500+ Moodle sites implemented.
  • 150.000+ learners and teachers managed through our platforms.
  • 300+ hours of interactive digital content created for our clients.
  • 10+ years of successfully preparing eLearning Developers and Moodle administrators.
  • 5+ years of Articulate Training for Content creators.

For our experts

  • Innovation Manager with 17+ years of experience in Moodle implementation.
  • Training and Content Development Manager with 10+ years of experience in digital learning.
  • Project Managers with 15+ years of experience in international project management.

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