Moodle Trademark

Moodle is a registered trademark of Moodle Pty which holds the exclusive rights to it. As a Certified Partner, Moodle allows the use of the brand in the performance of its services and in promotional activities.

Why choose a Certified Partner?

Only a certified Moodle partner has the right to:

  • Provide Moodle services to other entities in a commercial way. All Moodle services are part of the trademark.
  • Use the Moodle name and logo on its materials, digital communications, and developed systems for commercial purposes.
  • Offer or direct sell of Moodle services, either directly or indirectly: development, maintenance, administration, training, consultancy, hosting.
Any entity that promotes Moodle services, whatever they may be, seriously infringes the trademark rights and risks the legal consequences of its actions.

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