Learning designers

In a short time, you will be ready to launch your first eLearning program to your customers or colleagues around the world.

Speedy Authoring tool

Easy to use content development

Several rapid content development tools allow content to be translated into an interactive and appropriate format for eLearning. Although some tools allow complex content development, which involves considerable effort to learn all the ins and outs, there is also the easy and quick option.


We recommend using:

  • Rise 360, as part of the Articulate Studio 360 annual subscription. You will also have access to templates and a content library.
  • H5P, as a native functionality in Moodle, with its content bank.You can create content directly in Moodle and use it in your course.

Use an eLearning platform.

Use it as a command centre. The dynamic environment allows you to manage courses and learners in one place.

You can add functionalities, scale them according to your growth needs, and foster collaboration and peer to peer communication.


We recommend using:

  • Moodle for Workplace, all services included under an adjustable subscription for workplace learning.
  • Moodle is the world’s most customisable and trusted open-source learning management system.

Gradual transition to eLearning

Step by step

It is impossible to create a complete online course overnight. But you can use the presentations you have prepared for the online course and use them in a virtual class that you record.

You can use the same step-by-step approach to develop assessment and self-assessment activities and tests.

Start with us.

  • Learning designers, that will explore your organisational needs, the subject matter experts’ point of view and the learners’ expectations.
  • eLearning developers, if you decide to outsource the creation of your interactive content.


User performance in learning

Take care of your learners

Delivering eLearning content makes difficult feedback gathering. All of us need human contact and some TLC.

Use collaboration and communication tools to engage learners.

Use analytics instruments to gather progress and to track difficult steps.


We recommend using:

  • Office 365 integration takes full advantage of your LMS and collaboration tools.
  • Annoto, for social interaction in online learning.
  • Intelliboard to enhance the reporting capabilities of Moodle.

What clients say

Our clients

De ce să ne alegi pe noi?

Pentru experiența și expertiza noastră

  • Suntem singurul partener certificat Moodle pentru România, activând ca expert Moodle și în Republica Moldova din 2013.
  • 2.500+ de site-uri Moodle implementate.
  • 150.000+ cursanți și profesori gestionați prin intermediul platformelor noastre.
  • Peste 300 de ore de conținut digital interactiv creat pentru clienții noștri.
  • 10+ ani de pregătire cu succes a dezvoltatorilor eLearning și a administratorilor Moodle.
  • 5+ ani de training Articulate pentru creatorii de conținut.

Pentru experții noștri

  • Manager de inovare cu peste 17 ani de experiență în implementarea Moodle.
  • Manager de formare și dezvoltare de conținut, cu peste 10 ani de experiență în domeniul învățării digitale.
  • Manageri de proiect cu peste 15 ani de experiență în managementul proiectelor internaționale.

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