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Moodle Workplace – your enterprise learning management platform

Moodle Workplace is the perfect choice for organizations that want to empower their team with personalized and collaborative learning experiences.
Companies and organizations of all types are dealing nowadays with many changes and challenges related learning and skills development of their employees due to technology evolution and the impact of the digital era on the workplace environment.
So, how can you overcome these challenges? Moodle Workplace is your solution:

  • To close the skills gap in your organization.
  • To provide the perfect digital environment for continuous learning in your organization.
  • To offer personalized learning experiences for your employees.
  • To identify the key traits of successful culture learning.
  • To create engaging mobile and social learning experiences.
  • To implement an effective learning culture.

If you are still wondering, why you need an LMS, we have the answers:

Why choose Moodle Workplace as your LMS? Check the following features to convince you.

  • With Moodle Workplace you can enhance the employees’ learning experience: you can create a seamless learning culture and experience across devices so that employees can continually learn new skills and respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow.
  • The flexibility of Moodle LMS gives you full control of your own learning management system, enabling you to integrate and extend it to suit your organizational needs. Moodle Workplace includes extra functionality that is built on top of core Moodle, addressing the primary needs of the workplace sector.
The best Moodle configuration for your enterprise LMS:
  • Configure Moodle Workplace with the features you need and respond to the various requirements of your audiences thanks to our open-source model.
  • Extend beyond the core product thanks to the 1600 plugins available.
  • Integrate with your existing or new systems with none of the constraints of a traditional proprietary LMS.
  • Easily apply your brand look and feel to create a trusted, compelling, and coherent learning experience for your end-user.
  • With our Mobile App, you will be able to provide a seamless learning experience across devices and allow your learners to fit learning around their life. Our mobile app will also enable you to create a consistent brand learning experience.
Improved user experience with Moodle Workplace:
  • Conduct change with an intuitive User Experience: you will provide a strong user experience enabling administrators and users to effortlessly navigate the platform and perform the intended actions in a few clicks.
  • Implement a one-stop shop with integrations: you can integrate with other new or existing systems to ensure you cover the range of functionalities needed and provide a seamless, coherent, and complete learning experience to your end-users
  • With our social functionalities, you will be able to create a social learning environment where employees will collaborate and learn together. You will be able to engage specific communities of learners and improve the ability to collectively acquire skills and competencies.
  • Drive engagement with interactive notifications. With the notifications functionality, you can easily send tailored messages to encourage your learners to complete the program via the platform, mobile app, or email. This powerful tool will keep your learners engaged and motivated to complete the required actions. 
  • With Appointments, you will be able to connect tutors with learners and ensure a human-led and personalized face-to-face learning experience. This feature will enable tutors to interact with individual learners or with groups of learners.
Reports, analytics, and security:
  • Build and manage reports to suit your needs. With Report Builder, you can easily build and customize your own reports and track learners’ progress and performance with little effort. This will give you a better understanding of their learning behaviors and enable you to improve their learning experience as needed.
  • With our Analytics, you can get insights into the progress of learners and ensure that objectives are being met. Viewing trends of participation, submissions, and other data can assist educators to improve the eLearning experience, vastly helping retention rates and learners’ successes. 
  • Security is of utmost importance to Moodle and is front of mind for every new development. We have established a rigorous responsible disclosure process to mitigate any risks and effectively deal with any challenges on the learning platform.
And structure:
  • Build your learning and compliance programs.
  • Manage centrally and delegate with ease. With Multi-Tenancy, you will be able to serve multiple entities (tenants) from a single installation. Whether you are a reseller, a company with branches around the world, or a franchised organization, you can easily manage entities separately with great flexibility and at a lower cost.
  • With Organizational Structure, you can create your own discrete structure to mirror your real-life organization. This will enable you to create user groups and respond accordingly to their needs.
  • Save time by automating your workflows. With Dynamic Rules, avoid tedious tasks and easily create and manage automated rules for several groups of users. You can create learning experiences based on location, department, position, roles, and other criteria for your users.

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